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Performance is the heart of Missouri-Pacific Lumber

From start to finish, we take the time and use the technology needed to provide a quality product.

Location: Fayette, MO is situated squarely in the heart of the world's leading walnut producing region and where other fine Northern and Appalachian hardwoods are available.

Control: Missouri Pacific Lumber's capabilities include: debarking, rip sawing, cross cutting, air drying, steam treating, computer controlled kiln drying, surfacing, stacking, computer tally sent with each bundle.

Technology: Our first-class computer controlled band mill provides uniform thickness; offering plain-sawn, rift-sawn, and quarter-sawn lumber.

Stacking / Waxing / Steaming: 1" stickers provide even air circulation throughout the entire drying process. Boards are then end-coated with wax to slow moisture escape and prevent end-checking. All walnut lumber undergoes 84 hours of steaming to ensure consistent color and quality, resulting in less waste and greater value.

Inspection: All lumber is inspected after kiln drying by our NHLA certified inspectors, to ensure accurate grading and measurement.

Shipping: Our shipping department is prepared for service worldwide, either by truck, rail, container or ocean vessel.

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